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About us

Chilenje Events and Hire is Lusaka’s leading events company specializing in children’s parties, weddings, kitchen parties, baby showers and Zambian traditional functions such as Matebeto and Chilanga mulilo décor. Located in Lusaka’s Chilenje South area, we have been providing our services to Lusaka and surrounding areas since 2017 and have organized hundreds of parties and events, so you can be assured that we really know what we are doing! We are a passionate company that values our extremely good reputation and want to keep it that way. We have increased invested in equipment based on our vast experience and client feedback and in an online presence to ensure that our valued clients can easily access us and view our services.

Our Services

We offer event décor services and hire of equipment as follows;
Kids party décor
Chilenje Events and Hire has literally done hundreds of cartoon themed parties all around Lusaka. The most popular themes we have done are as follows;
Girls – Frozen, Sophia the first, Barbie, Minnie Mouse, Unicorn and Tik tok. Click here for some of our girls party decor. [Insert hyperlink].
Boys – Spiderman, Paw patrol, Black Panther, Blaze and the Monster Machines and Power Rangers. See pictures of themes for boys here. [Insert hyperlink].
Pre-school children – Dora the explorer, Cocomelon, Boss Baby, Baby Moana, Bluey and SpongeBob SquarePants. Click here for some of our boys party decor. [Insert hyperlink].
Siblings – Where the parents wish to hold one party for siblings, we have a 2 in 1 party where we do 2 themes. The most common theme combinations have been Frozen & Spiderman and Frozen and Paw Patrol depending on the age of the children. Click here for some of our preschool children party decor. [Insert hyperlink].

Matebeto and Chilanga Mulilo

Chilanga Mulilo
This function is celebrated by people mostly from the Northern Region of Zambia and some tribes in Eastern Province (referred to as Vipiko in Eastern Zambia). It is part of the marriage rituals where the family of the bride takes food to the groom’s family to show him what food he expects to eat once married and also officially welcoming him to the family. From the moment the Chilanga Mulilo is done, both bride and groom can freely eat from the other’s family.
Décor in such functions is traditionally inclined and mostly rustic although modern brides and grooms may opt for more modern décor without the traditional touches. We have a full package comprising of tables, chairs, a rustic photobooth and table décor. Click here for some of our Chilanga Mulilo décor works. [Insert hyperlink].

This comes much later in the marriage. It is a bigger and grander ceremony than the Chilanga Mulilo. During a Matebeto, a wife honours her husband for having kept her well in the marriage. Her family will cook as many dishes (mostly traditional foods) and present them to the husband who sits in a place of honour surrounded by two elderly gentlemen who explain what the dishes are to him. The décor is very similar to that of Chilanga Mulilo with the difference being that the Matebeto functions tend to be bigger. Click here are some of our Matebeto décor. [Insert Hyperlink]

Baby showers

Baby showers vary in Zambia. They are typically held a month or 2 before the baby’s birth and the mother to be is showered with presents for the baby and advise on how to look after the new born baby. However, this may be done after the child is born to welcome them to the family. There are also ceremonies to name the baby or get togethers after baptism etc. All these may be termed baby showers in the Zambian context. We often style these under 3 sub categories;
Girl baby showers [Insert Hyperlink] which are typically pink and white in colour.
Boy Baby showers [Insert Hyperlink] which are typically blue and white in colour.
Gender Neutral Baby Shower [Insert Hyperlink] which use gender neutral colours such as yellow, green, neutral colours, earth tones etc.

Kitchen Parties

Kitchen parties or bridal showers are held before the wedding to help the bride make their home. The bride is showered with kitchen items and other household items to help her get started in her new home. The set up consists of a bridal hut where the bride sits with her people and tables where here guests sit. The décor may be traditional with a rustic traditional touch or more often these days, modern with flowers in place of the traditional décor items. Typical numbers of people at Kitchen parties are 150 to 250 but some may be less with 100 people or more with up to 300 or 350 people. The Kitchen party is primarily the responsibility of the bride’s family. Click here for some of our Kitchen Party Décor works [Insert hyperlink]


Does a wedding need an introduction? Under the Zambian set up, weddings are primarily the responsibility of the groom. They are a lavish affair with bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing up a storm to the delight of the guests. The wedding party consists of 2 stages; the Church service usually held in the morning and a reception either in the afternoon or at night with a photoshoot scheduled in between the two events.
The church ceremony may be held inside a church or outside (marriage blessing). The church décor consists of aisle runners, flowers and chair or bench décor depending on which one the church has. The outdoor set up includes chairs, aisle runners and front set up where the officiants for the marriage sit. Click here for some of our church and outdoor marriage blessings decor. [Insert hyperlink].
The reception set up consists of a high table where the couple sits together with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Two guest tables are reserved for the parents from each side. The décor is more elaborate than that of the kitchen party particularly when the function is indoors and at night. A typical Zambian wedding may be small with 50 people or have up to 300 or 350 guests. Click here for some of our Kitchen Party Décor. [Insert Hyperlink].

Small parties

Small parties in our definition are those made of 50 people or less. These may include; birthday parties for adults, engagement parties, marriage anniversaries and graduation parties. With small parties, we provide the chairs and tables in addition to the décor. Click here for some of our small party décor. [Insert hyperlink].


  • Waterproof marquees
  • Stretch tents
  • Plastic chairs
  • Chafing dishes
  • Aisle runners / Red carpets
  • Jumping castles
  • Rustic Photobooth

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