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Featured event decor – Blue and White small party

We do so many children’s parties at Chilenje Events and Hire that often, our other functions get overshadowed. One of the most frequent questions we get is whether we do functions for big people as well. The answer is yes we do. Our small party package is perfect for birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries and other small functions. We will take you through one of our recent small party décor;

The Backdrop

This is the first thing people will notice when they arrive at the function. Depending on the client’s preference, this can be set up with balloons, a special message for the function and desert drums where the cake and cupcakes may be placed.

Tables and Chairs

Long tables are recommended for small numbers of 20 and below. It is more intimate as everyone gets to sit together and share the special moment with the celebrant at the head of the table. We paired the long tables with white chiavari chairs to complete the blue, white and silver colour scheme.

Table scape

Our client wanted a white and blue ensemble with silver accessories. We love royal blue as it is timeless. The colours complimented each other very well. We coupled white linen and blue table runners with blue napkins. Holding the flowers were alternating tall vases and short vases completing our look.


The fun part of décor is that it allows you to be creative. You can pretty much use anything at your disposal from candles, mirrors, baskets, teddy bears, mini bottles of wine etc. We kept this simple and ensured that there was enough elbow room between the guests. The spaces also ensured that there was enough room for people to eat.

  • Tips for DIY
  • Use silver accessories if your primary colour is blue. Gold is also nice but silver or gray accessories will blend with the blue for that rich finish. Accessories may include underplates (charger plates), cutlery, centre pieces and balloons.
  • Avoid plastic accessories. Glass always adds that extra touch of glamour.
  • Ensure that there is enough room for people to sit freely and eat without bumping into a piece of décor. This could involve using two tables side by side to increase the width. This ensures that your décor does not look too crowded.
  • Use the long table set up for small functions of 20 or less people so that everyone sits together. However, given our African set up, if there are parents or in laws present, round tables are advisable so that people sit separately and are more free to interact.

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